Miller Engineering's Rotating signs.
Rotating signs in Stock!
We have worked a long time perfecting our rotating signs and they
are just about ready. Our rotating signs will add a whole new
dimension to your layout. As far as we know, there is nothing quite
like them available anywhere. They offer all the same great features
as our billboards…. True-to-life scale realism that is second to none,
a soft even glow that only Miller Engineering signs can offer. And
most importantly - Miller Engineering’s outstanding, dedicated
customer service… you got a problem –we are there to help!
Tech info:
The base measures 3.2” dia. x 2” tall. Total height to sign
from base is 5.375". The unit runs on 3 AAA batteries so it
can be a stand-alone unit. There is an AC jack on the side
and it is compatible with all Miller Engineering’s AC adapters.
We have also added a 2nd AC jack on the bottom of the unit
so the cord can be hidden from view when it is mounted on
your layout. Additionally, we will have an optional top plate
that will allow you to mount the unit flush, completely hiding
the rotating unit under your layout. All signs are double-sided
and have the option of either “All On” or “Flashing”.
Price $58.95
#2014 -"BELIEVE" rotating sign
This is the Miller Engineering Christmas
item for 2014! For our Christmas items
from previous years click "

Sign Size: 3.2" W x 1.2" T
All signs are double sided!!
#55-010 - Texaco rotating sign
Perfect addition to your Texaco gas

Sign Size: 2" Round
#55-020 - Shell rotating sign
Makes a great companion sign to our
roadside Shell sign #7781

Sign Size: 1.8"W x 1.8" T
#55-015 - Sunoco rotating sign
This sign is a good choice for your gas
station since our Roadside Sunoco
#3581 is now sold out.

Sign Size: 2.8"W x 1.7"
#55-025 - Gulf rotating sign
Our Classic Gulf sign will be the
finishing touch to any Gulf Gas Station.

Sign Size: 2" Round
#55-030 - Diner rotating sign
A classic sign no diner should be without!

Sign Size: 2.5"W x .65" T
#55-035 - Motel rotating sign
Another classic sign no town should be

Sign Size: 2.8"W x .65" T
#55-045 - A&W rotating sign
Not many of these signs left, especially the real life
rotating ones! Create a piece of the past!

Sign Size: 2.6"W x 1" T
#55-050 - Esso rotating sign
Makes a great companion sign to our
Roadside Esso

Sign Size: 2.25"W x 1.6" T
#55-055 - Mobil rotating sign
Also available is our  
Roadside Mobil sign.

Sign Size: 2.6"W x .9" T
#2507- Flush mount adapter
Our flush mount adapter will allow you to mount your
base two ways. The base can either be mounted
below the surface of your train table, which requires a
1/2" hole. It can also be mount above the surface of
your train table, this requires a 3.25" hole to be cut in
the layout top.
Top mounting is easier to do and makes servicing the
unit easier should there ever be a problem. This kit
includes the 4806 AC adapter plug.

The top plate measures 4" Dia. Comes with mounting
screws and instructions.
The rotating pole and signs can easily
be removed and replaced. All signs are
double sided.
Believed Rotating sign
Texaco Rotating sign
Sunoco Rotating Sign
Shell Rotating sign
Gulf Rotating Sign
Diner Rotating sign
Motel Rotating Sign
A&W Rotating sign
Esso Rotating sign
Flush Mount Adapter
Top Mounting with optional flush mounting plate
Bottom mounting with flush mounting plate
Sorry, car not included
Mobil Rotating sign
#55-060 Rotating Sinclair sign
Price $58.95
Suitable for O scale
#55-065 Rotating Amoco sign
Price $58.95
Suitable for O scale
#55-070 Rotating Luv sign
Price $58.95
Suitable for O scale
Sinclair Rotating sign
Amoco Rotating Sign
Luv Shack Rotating sign
#55-080 Rotating Bowling sign
Price $58.95
Suitable for O scale
#55-075 Rotating Paradice sign
Price $58.95
Suitable for O scale
Enlarged view
Paradice Club Rotating sign
Bowling Rotating sign
#4806- AC adapter plug. Used for hooking your
rotating signs up to the 4804 converter module or the
4805 power distribution board. The white stripe is the
positive side.
#4806 AC plug with bare wires
Miller Engineering's newest rotating sign is
based on our-ever popular Stan's Drive In. We
have made the sign even better! We have
included over 80 peel & stick names. And if
your name is not on the list, we tell you how to
personalize it. The sign is double- sided and
has the option of "Flashing" or "All On".
#55-085, Rotating Drive In Sign
Price - $58.95
Suitable for O/HO
Limited edition sign
55-085, Rotating Drive In Sign
We have added another great sign to our
rotating sign collection. OK Used Cars was
Chevy's brand name for their used-car
trade-in division, started in the mid-1920s.
The "famous red O.K. tag system," as one
1928 newspaper ad called it, "was a
checklist that showed what parts of the car
had been checked and reconditioned prior
to throwing it out on the lot." Now with our
rotating version of this famous sign, you can
have a respectable used car lot on your

Available late April
This is a limited production sign.
#55-090 - OK Rotating sign
Pole height 6"
Base Size: #.2 Dia X 2"T
Suitable for O Scale,
Price 58.95
This is a limited production sign.
55-090 - OK Rotating sign
Price $58.95
Suitable for O scales
Because everyone loves hamburgers....
advertise with our Bob's Big Boy
sign! This is the perfect sign for outside
your restaurant. Miller Engineering's
rotating signs add a whole new dimension
to your layout. Runs on 3 AAA batteries
and is compatible with all Miller
Engineering power options.
Limited Edition sign
55-095 Big Boy Rotating sign
More great rotating signs!!
55-100 Denny's Rotating sign
#55-105, Sonic rotating sign