13” Diameter
Quartz movement
5 AA batteries required (Not Included)
Alternating sounds on the hour for 20 seconds.
Las Vegas Clock
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Relive the thrill of Las Vegas..... Every hour!
For only $39.95!
Now you can relive the thrill of Las Vegas! Every hour hear the
sounds of winning slot machines and the soft neon like glow and
chasing lights of  the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas”sign.
Your fondest memories will come alive again!

Each hour alternates between two different
winning slot machine sounds.
The built in light sensor automatically adjusts the
volume of the sound so the darker the room is, the
softer the sound becomes, allowing undisturbed
sleep at night.
The center “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas”
creates a soft neon like glow and chasing lights
around the outside, just like the real sign.
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